giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


Pagina del 4 ottobre 2011
CD Marcio Cortez
AD Filippo Giacomelli
Copy Elio Polce

martedì 4 ottobre 2011


The new generations are used to the modern interaction and Boing couldn't be far from that. The audience's hands are the main protagonists of the new continuity: they act on a touch screen, interacting with all the characters and with all the informations of everyday schedule. The new Brand Identity is extremly dynamic, made of quick flows of gags and data, always guided by the kids hands. As everything is shooted from the target's point of view, with the new continuty the audience feels like to be the main character of the Channel, having the power and the freedom to choose and decide.

The tecnique used is 3D animation. We produced 7 Idents along with the whole package of Nexts, D-E Bumps, End Pages, Rundowns, Squeeze Credits.

Channel BOING
CD Marcio Cortez
AD Filippo Giacomelli
Direction/Animation Inkapache, Madrid

NOTTE DEI CARTONI: inspiration mood

sabato 1 ottobre 2011


PAPÁ NON FARE IL MOSTRO is a Social Campaign in Animation in which the educational role is given to a child whose parents don‘t act civilized like they’re supposed to.

Every time his mum or dad act in an uncivilized manner, the child calls them to order saying DON’T BE A MONSTER. The tecnique used for the episodes is a mixed 2D-3D animation and the duration of each is 22 seconds.
In each episode, the mum and dad do the wrong action: they become monsters and only go back to normal after listening to their son who prompts them to behave correctly.

Channel BOING
CD Marcio Cortez
AD Filippo Giacomelli
Copywriter Elio Polce
Direction/Design/Animation Lucas Zanotto


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